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Requests for additional Repeat Medication

Excess quantities of regular repeat prescriptions for holidays for more than three weeks.

The Practice is unable to prescribe excess quantities of your repeat medication beyond your agreed repeat prescription interval, (this includes requests for extended periods, when students are absent during term breaks from their university or college). We can offer you a private prescription which will incur charges.

A Scottish home and Health Department circular from 1971 clarifies the position on prescribing for patients going abroad for extended periods. It states:-

“If a patient intends to go away for a longer period (than two to three week’s holiday) he/she may not be regarded as a resident of this country and would not be entitled to the benefits of the National Health Service. It may not be in the patient’s best interest for him/her to continue to self-medication over such longer periods. If a patient is going abroad for a long period, he/she should be prescribed sufficient drugs to meet his/her requirements only until such time as he can place himself/herself in the care of a doctor at his/her destination.

Where ongoing medical attention is not necessary, the patient may be given a private prescription.